Insurgentes avenue will be remodeled in 2023


Insurgentes Avenue is about 52 years old, and since it was built it has had minimal changes.

MAZATLAN. – A first world face is what Insurgentes Avenue will have in 2023, one of the most important and oldest roads in the city.

Insurgentes Avenue is a work that was carried out in the 1970s, under the mandate of Mayor Mario Arturo Huerta Sánchez, who was an engineer and prominent businessman in the real estate sector.

The remodeling will be from A to Z, through a rescue project, from the intersection with Gabriel Leyva avenue to Mexico 68, said Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, director of Public Works of the Mazatlán City Council.  

He shared that they are close to finishing the Executive Project, and once it is finished it will be taken to the Secretary of Public Works of the State for its analysis and approval, which will be managed so that the State Government gives it the go-ahead.

“Las Insurgentes is going because it is going, in 2023, I am going to finish the project, but it seems that it is going to take Culiacán and it seems that it is going because it is going, we are talking that it could be from 80 to 120 million pesos, we are going to bid because there are three stages,” said Núñez Gutiérrez. 

The official stressed that the idea of ​​this project is to be carried out in three stages, one phase will be from Gabriel Leyva avenue to Américas, the second from Américas to Vicente Suárez and the third from Vicente Suárez to México 68.

He pointed out that the avenue already deserves it, because it is a main artery of Mazatlan and it is an extremely important place for everyone.

The remodeling will be total, from hydro-sanitary pipes, to replacement of pavement.

He commented that another project would be the El Toreo Subdivision Collector, although this is one hundred percent with investment from the State Government. 

with good rhythm 

In the patching work, the head of Public Works in Mazatlán commented that they have already carried out around 500 cubic meters of work in the city and surrounding towns, which means around 60 percent.  

“The Marble highway is very damaged, we are going to work hard for 3 to 4 days, we are going to pull some 20 trucks about 7 meters because there are many details between other points, but the highest priority is the city of Mazatlán, where we are going to work very hard,” he said. 

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