Sales plummet at the Stone Island Pier in Mazatlan


Product demand has decreased by up to 70 percent since July

Mazatlan, Sin.- Two months after the end of the summer vacation season, sales of seafood and fish at the Isla de la Piedra Pier have fallen by up to 70 percent, compared to July and August .

One of the main causes is the remodeling of Emilio Barragán avenue, assured Ernesto González Camberos, president of the cooperative society of the pier.

“It has affected us a lot that you can only travel in one lane on the avenue, because people do not stop to buy, they go straight to the Center and whether you like it or not, that does affect us, we could easily be selling normally, but we have been affected by the remodeling of the avenue,” he explained.

González Camberos added that despite being one of the times when there is more sales flow for them, they did not see such a sharp drop in their sales coming.

“It continues to be the people of the same Gabriel Leyva neighborhood who come to buy our product. Don’t go with the feint of tourism, of the tourism that consumes us right now there is none, only people who come to sightsee, not to buy” .

And it is that despite the constant arrival of tourist cruises to the port, they are visitors who do not benefit them.

Seafood sales at the Stone Island Pier have fallen by as much as 70 percent. Photos: Fausto McConegly | The Sun of Mazatlan

“What is the use of them arriving, it benefits us that they come to buy, not that they come to take photos, that does not help us at all, really, what is the use of that, hopefully and that people will arrive who make consumption, not only that they come with their camera or cell phone to take pictures,” assured Clementina, a local vendor.

What sells more?

Currently, what is sold the most at the Isla de la Piedra Pier is saw, snapper and the popular burrito , as they are species widely used for daily consumption.

“Many people who sell ceviche come to buy saw daily , to go to sell on their tricycles , to schools or beaches, where it is very common to see the sale of that snack,” said González Camberos.

He added that the snapper is one of the species that Mazatlecos consume the most , since it can be served fried and they are large, with juicy meat.

“The burrito and the sierra are used to prepare ceviche, but the snapper is served more fried, it is something more everyday, because people use it for lunch every day, among the few sales it is what is sold the most “ said Gabriel, another vendor.