Mazatlan beach areas reopen to bathers


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Most of the city’s beach areas were reopened to swimmers this Monday, after the high waves that caused its closure yesterday decreased, announced the Commander of the Aquatic Police, Gustavo Espinoza.

He warned that in Cerritos the restriction continues, while in the areas where there are breakwaters, red restriction flags are maintained, these being areas on both sides of Valentinos, and the breakwaters of the Misión, Las Flores and Pueblo Bonito hotels.

The Commander of the Municipal Lifeguards said that in these areas there are always problems with waves, and for this reason the signage is maintained.

He also recalled that yesterday, Sunday, the presence of burners was recorded, so he asked bathers to be careful, and that before wanting to enter the sea, locate the lifeguards and ask them directly about the conditions that the sea presents. , since they are changing throughout the day, and dangerous return currents can occur.

The Mazatlan Post