Sinaloa has areas of opportunity to increase the arrival of cruise ships


The Secretary of Tourism indicates that work continues on the project of the cruise of the Sea of ​​​​Cortez, but it is not yet confirmed.

MAZATLAN.- Officially, Sinaloa received the courier for the annual meeting of The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, which will be held in 2023 in Mazatlan, and these are the areas of opportunity to fall in love.  

The Secretary of Tourism, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, explained that in order to achieve an increase in the arrival of cruise ships and more shipping companies, some things need to be improved, such as the training of tour operators.  

“Mazatlán was very well qualified, we have areas of opportunity to attend to. The issue of training, which is something that we want to give higher quality to tourism service providers, and I was very pleased to find tour operators who are involved in the area because this is part of working”, he declared. 

This was one of the results that Sectur brought from the FCCA meeting held last week in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where they also met with shipping companies that have not come to Mazatlan, in order for them to take it into account. account for your routes.  

Torres Noriega pointed out that it is not so much the number of cruise ships that arrive in Mazatlan, but the number of people who get off a ship to get to know the destination, hence the idea of ​​reinforcing service training.  

And Topolobampo? 

The state official pointed out that, in the case of the port of Ahome, Topolobampo, the reactivation of cruise ships is being sought, however, it is still a search that has to be worked on, since it is not on the radar of the shipping companies.  

The cruise of the Sea of ​​Cortez, in talks 

The Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa explained that the plan for a regional cruise that travels through the states of the Sea of ​​​​Cortez is still standing and in the development of the same project.  

“We have met with small cruise ships, it is not something that is going to be resolved from one moment to another, it is a very important investment, not from the state, but an important participation not only from Sinaloa but from the five states that form a part important part of the Sea of ​​Cortez”, he said.