In Mazatlán, potholes in the streets cause accidents


Inhabitants of Infonavit Jabalíes denounce that the road located next to the train track is impassable.

Mazatlán, Sin.- Insurgentes street, located next to the train tracks in Infonavit Jabalíes, is severely damaged, to such an extent that the potholes have caused several accidents in recent months.

Residents of the area say that for several years this road has not been maintained, which is a risk for both motorists and pedestrians.

“The authorities have never stopped here to ask us if we need something, here we are already tired, the truth is, we have to be careful when passing through there, hopefully they will come to repair it, because it has already been reported and nothing, “he said. Adelina, a neighbor of the place.

He pointed out that the street has been totally abandoned for approximately three years, but that during the last three months, after the rains, the situation has worsened.

It’s been like this for many months, but it’s been getting worse for three, we’re already tired, because nothing has been fixed, even people on bicycles go down the sidewalk, because it’s a disaster, and it’s dangerous, you can’t pass safely. Calm down,” added Adelina.

accidents are common

The neighbor commented that accidents of various kinds have already occurred. A few days ago a motorcyclist suffered an accident in which she ended up with a strong blow to the face.

“The motorcycle ended up scraped and the boy fell on his side and his whole face was hit, he was scraped from a cheek and his lips were injured along with his nose, “ he said.

There have also been crashes between cars that end up colliding with other units because they do not fall into potholes.


The Mazatlan Post