You could pay up to 5 thousand pesos if you block sidewalks


Nayla Adilene Velarde Narváez, head of the Mayor’s Office, points out that merchants and settlers continue to disrespect sidewalks.

MAZATLAN. – There is no way! Nayla Adilene Velarde Narváez, head of the Mayor’s Office, pointed out that merchants and settlers continue to disrespect sidewalks and, therefore, fail to comply with the ” Free Sidewalks ” program, a program that was implemented by the DIF Mazatlán in coordination with the Mayor’s Office in September of 2020. 

To this day, the problem still exists and the Mazatlan population is still unaware that blocking sidewalks mainly affects people with disabilities because they cannot move correctly and in a timely manner.  

“We have already pulled the ears of the deputy director of Commerce because we continue to be invaded by street vendors. We need to raise awareness so that the Mazatlecos support us. They have to be removed and that is the job”. 

The head of the municipal authority explained that the free sidewalk operation not only applies to businesses, but also to clubs, bars and restaurants. In fact, there are fines that range from one thousand to 5 thousand pesos, this depends on whether it is a recidivist case of reporting. 

The first call is made to remove the obstruction, the second implies a fine and so on, the highest sanction must be applied. 

Nayla Narváez expressed that now with the elimination of the use of the face mask and the surveillance operations of sanitary protocols they will have inspection elements to supervise not only the downtown area but also the urban area. 

He asked the public to be aware that they leave sidewalk spaces free so that people with disabilities, the elderly and children have the security of being able to travel safely. 

The Mazatlan Post