Goodbye potholes! Mazatlán acquires state-of-the-art equipment for patching


The Public Works Department invests 3 to 4 million pesos in the patching schedule in Mazatlan.

MAZATLAN. – One of the strongest problems in Mazatlan is potholes, something that has earned the support of “bachetlán”, but this issue may be resolved by the end of the year, because the Mazatlán City Council acquired a machine to mend the streets.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that machinery for patching and painting was acquired with an investment of 11,747,542 pesos, which will be put into operation immediately, through Public Works personnel.

Benítez Torres affirmed that this machine will leave the port as never seen in history in terms of urban infrastructure and roads, all for the benefit of the population.

“You have already seen that they are all over the city potholes, but with this machine that cost 6 million pesos, it allows us to supply a complete team that is working on potholes in the streets, we will be able to work with two teams, the human and the equipped one. same time to leave the city in perfect condition faster”, he stressed.

He said that the purchase of more equipment is being considered so as not to allocate resources for rent from contracts with companies.

In addition to the patching machine, a painting machine, a backhoe, two skid steer loaders, and a stripe painting machine were also purchased.

Avenues with critical points in Mazatlan
Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, head of the Directorate of Public Obas in Mazatlán, said that the most critical points, in terms of potholes, are Insurgentes Avenue, Juan Carrasco, Gutiérrez Nájera, Lieutenant Azueta, Aquiles Serdán, Walamo Street through Villa Verde, Infonavit Playas, and in the El Sábalo subdivision.

Is it possible that by December there will be no potholes in the city?

«It is the idea, it is the idea to work 24 hours if possible, but on the main avenues of the destination».

How much does it cost to pothole?
He commented that 3 to 4 million pesos a year are invested in the patching program.

The Mazatlan Post