They come back strong, these are the cruise ships that will arrive in Mazatlan this month


The Sectur announced the schedule of arrivals and the arrival of at least 11 cruise ships is estimated, opening the way to a new season.

MAZATLAN.- The strong cruise season has already arrived in Mazatlan and October welcomes 11 ships that will arrive throughout the month, including the return of the Disney cruise.  

The Ministry of Tourism launched the calendar of arrivals for the month of October, which began last Saturday, October 1 with the Royal, of the Princess Cruise Line, which was forced to spend the night due to the weather situation.  

This week, two cruise ships will arrive this Wednesday, from the Carnival Cruise Line, the Panorama will arrive; and on its return we will have the Disney Wonder cruise ship, which will arrive at 8:00 am with more than 3,000 people between crew and passengers.  

For the week of October 10 to 16, two ships will arrive, on Tuesday 11 the Discovery of the Princess Cruise Line will arrive; while on Wednesday the 12th, the Panorama, from Carnival Cruise Line, will return as every week.  

In the week of October 17 to 23, three cruise ships will arrive; the Royal Carribean Navigator and the Sun, from Norwegian Cruise Line, both on Tuesday, October 18; while on Wednesday the 19th, of the Carnival Cruise Line, the Panorama.  

In the last week of the month, the arrival of three ships is estimated, the Discovery for the second time; the Panorama, for the fourth time; and the Navigator, for the second time.  

As Mazatlan is the next venue for the international meeting of the FCCA, Sectur will receive the post office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from October 11 to 14 of this year.  

The event expects to bring together 100 high-level executives within the cruise industry worldwide and will be held in Mazatlan in October 2023. 

The Sectur reported that the number of cruise passengers who have arrived so far in 2022 exceeds the sum of arrivals from last year and 2020, hoping that by the end of the year, the number of ships visiting the port will rise to 145. 

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