Sinaloa close to having Nudist Beach


The palm trees are already being planted, they will be Washington palm trees and trees called cotton that will provide shade for the nudist beach

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- “La Bichis Beach” or “Playa de los Bichis” is what Deputy Serapio Vargas de Morena calls the nudist beach that he has been promoting and projecting for some time, 65 kilometers from Culiacán, Sinaloa.

In March of this year, the deputy went viral when a video circulated on networks where he appeared almost naked, and under the motto “nudity makes us all the same, clothes make us different” he toured Cortés Island to publicize his plans, where there will be, according to their statements, a nudist beach, an area for people over 60 years of age, and another for the LGBT community.

It was during Morena’s first legislative report, held in the port of Mazatlan, Serapio Vargas declared that the palm trees are already being planted and that these will be Washington palm trees and trees called cotton, and made the comment that not even in Mazatlan are there beaches as beautiful as where will be the nudist beach.

He added that the objective with this project is to make it the largest nudist beach in the world, since the one with this achievement is the one located in Armería, Spain. However, it is being planned that first, it will be a beach of topless like Miami, to become a nudist later.

He said that the beach is projected for the central zone of the state of Sinaloa, because in Mazatlan they are more traditionalists, but that attraction is needed because the tourists in three days in the port have run out of places to visit.

“The Bichis Beach is going to be a reality” and he hopes that this year the entire wooded area will be there, but that at least it will work as a topless beach, said Deputy Serapio Vargas.


The Mazatlan Post