They report constant blackouts, for no apparent reason, in several neighborhoods of Mazatlan


In social networks they denounce that the failures in the electrical energy supply began on Friday, but increased during Saturday and Sunday.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Since last Friday, constant blackouts have been recorded in the city in several neighborhoods of the port, and this occurs for no apparent reason, since the early hours of Tuesday, September 20, there have been no rains in the port.

In social networks, users are denouncing the situation that puts their assets at risk, since the constant blackouts can cause damage, sometimes irreversibly, to electronic devices, which also represents damage to the family economy.

The first blackouts were recorded in the Infonavit Jabalíes around 12:00 on Friday, however, the failures in the electricity supply began to increase during Saturday and Sunday, curiously after 10:00 p.m., residents of various settlements denounced.

The neighborhoods where up to three blackouts have occurred in half an hour are Infonavits Jabalíes and Alarcón, Sánchez Celis, Francisco Villa, Colinas del Real, Las Mañanitas and Valle Bonito, where the electricity went out and came back in a matter of minutes.

The dissatisfaction of the citizens was noted with messages such as the one from the user “Tragedias”, who wrote “The good thing is that I have regulators in all the electrical devices, because (with) those downturns the devices are screwed up”.

Other neighborhoods that also lost power for a few minutes are Independencia, Reforma, Benito Juárez, Rinconada del Valle, Santa Fe, Santa Teresa, Jaripillo and Pradera Dorada.

So far, neither the Federal Electricity Commission nor municipal authorities have reported on the situation.


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