Casa Club del Muralla finally closes its doors in Mazatlan


The resources from the sale of the property will be used to improve its sports fields and facilities.

MAZATLAN._ Part of the history of Mazatlan has definitely remained in the books after the sale of the Casa Club del Muralla.

Dances, bohemian nights, functions, shows of all kinds, and sports were part of a property well known by local, national, and foreign society located on Sixto Osuna street, in the Historic Center of Mazatlan .

On August 30, 2022, the place was sold through the current presidency and board of directors of Club Deportivo Muralla in charge of José Ángel Miramontes Cordero.

A large part of the memories of 102 years will be reflected in its facilities, because the rest will continue with its sports fields at the north exit of the city.

“The sale of the Club House in Muralla represents for this Board of Directors, and for me in particular, something very painful because getting rid of such an important asset and with so much social symbolism is not very easy to do. However, the economic-administrative circumstances led us to take that step”, explained Miramontes Cordero.

The sale to private initiative was more than necessary for many years, due to the situation of the club and the fact that the Club House had been forgotten for years.

“The Club House was inaugurated in February 1968, with Mr. Jesús Serrano (RIP) as president, and had around 30 years of prosperity. In my opinion, in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, that building experienced its best period.

“The last 22 years have been very difficult for the administrations in power. The number of members was substantially reduced, dues and income began to be insufficient for the club to get ahead with its payroll commitments, the payment of property taxes, electricity and water services, alcohol licenses, suppliers, and the rest”.

The growth to the north of the port also influenced a lot and went against such a legendary place.

“Population growth spread to the north of the city and that area was left alone, and its partners, each time they came in less proportion. It is also important to point out that the support that Cervecería Modelo in the Pacific provided us also diminished until the time came when the Muralla flat out ceased to be attractive to them. Consequently, each year the numbers were colored red.

“Under these conditions noted above, the 2011 Board of Directors made the decision to stop providing the bar service and various festivities in the Club House. Attention was only given to the member in the payment of their fees, assemblies, elections and an indoor tennis tournament were held.

The opening of Casa Club was given sporadically at certain times of the year.

“It was reopened at Carnival time. At the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018, the Board of Directors in turn made the decision to move the offices to the Sports Unit, with which said building practically closed its doors.

“Obviously, with the passage of these last years, logically, the Club House deteriorated to the extent that the Civil Protection Directorate issued a statement in which it prevented the use of the Event Hall area and other spaces, under the risk of A collapse occurs at these facilities.

Miramontes Cordero disclosed the date of the sale and the procedure followed.

“Yes, the sale was finalized in this Board of Directors that I chair, on August 30 of this year. And it is necessary to make it very clear so that there is no room for doubt; the sale of said space was by majority agreement of the Assembly of Partners, who on August 14, 2018, pronounced in that sense (sell it) and ratified that agreement also in the Assembly of Partners on April 23 of this year 2022.

“In other words, we did things within what is determined by the normative framework that governs our internal life. Yes, I know, there are opinions in another sense, and they are within their rights and I respect them, but in the Assembly, the highest decision-making body that we have in the Wall, they agreed to sell the Club House”.

The resources from the sale of the property will be used to improve its sports fields and facilities.

“What I hope is that, with the resources obtained, we can substantially transform our sports facilities. We have to give members and their families a better club, first-class fields, decent spaces that they deserve.

“A Club House suited to our needs, an event room that, like our golf courses, earns us income that allows us to continue with the required maintenance, better, more modern offices with adequate technology that results in good and efficient attention to our partners. For this we have to agree and the first step has already been taken with the formation of the Joint Form that I intend and wish with all my heart to achieve the Unity of the people of Muralla.


The Mazatlan Post