Mazatlán could say goodbye to the use of face masks


Citizens request tests only for travel requirements and not for symptoms

MAZATLAN. – Mazatlán could say goodbye to the use of face masks, as reported by the director of the Margarita Maza de Juárez Municipal Hospital, Endy Samuel Ramos Aragón, given the decrease in COVID-19 cases.

The municipal official pointed out that the hospital is practically no longer carrying out coronavirus tests on people who suspect they have the disease, but only on citizens who want to comply with the protocol when traveling.

“Right now what is happening is that the only people who request the tests are for travel requirements and not for symptoms.”

For this reason, Ramos Aragón trusts that the use of face masks will soon be eliminated in the city.

“I think that soon it will be official that we can dispense with the use of the face mask, although we use it under certain circumstances.”

How are we at the national level?

In the first half of September, the statistics of the pandemic in Mexico indicate 7.06 million cases and 330 thousand deaths and active cases estimated at 14 thousand 230, with 53.19 percent of confirmed cases in women and 46.81 percent in men.

End of the pandemic and recommendations

Through a statement, the World Health Organization indicated that we are in the final stretch of the pandemic and among the recommendations, all countries were invited to invest in vaccinating 100 percent of the groups at greatest risk, particularly those health workers and the elderly, as a top priority on the path to a minimum vaccination coverage of 70 percent.

In the case of Mexico, that coverage is around 62 percent, according to the following: 233 million doses have been administered, there are 79.9 million people fully vaccinated, which represents 62 percent of the population fully vaccinated; 96.3 million have at least one dose, which means 74.7 percent.

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