First of its kind: Mazatlan presents ‘Inclusive Distinctive’ project


The ‘Distinctive Inclusive’ project is made up of four axes: inclusive language, human capital, sign language and infrastructure.

MAZATLAN. – Winning as always! In Mazatlan, the ‘Inclusive Distinctive’ project was presented, the first of its kind at the national level that is aimed at the tourism and commercial sector. 

Councilor María Esther Juárez Nelson, the coordinator of the Tourism and Commerce Commission, explained that this project aims to grant a badge of inclusion to establishments, businesses, and hotels so that when the port receives tourism, it can feel included, but above all safe and comfortable.  

“That all the tourism that arrives in Mazatlan be received with open arms as we are currently doing; we have to think about the elderly and people who have a different disability. This is the next step to take because Mazatlan is unstoppable.” 

Photos: Rosina Grave

Inclusive Distinctive is made up of four axes:  

  • Inclusive language  
  • Human capital 
  • Sign language  
  • Infrastructure  

What is intended is to train hotel workers and merchants, as well as invite them to make the appropriate changes so that the establishment is inclusive. 

Eric Vega Breceda, head of Citizen Attention and creator of the project, was confident that the tourism sector will cooperate and join the cause of transforming Mazatlan. 

“We believe that hoteliers already have this vision for the future and this vision for the future to be inclusive will be very well accepted.” 

What must the employer do? 

As previously mentioned, the badge is aimed at the tourism and commercial sector, but it will not be mandatory.  

Anyone who wants their business or establishment to receive this badge will have to meet a series of conditions, for example, they must have parking spaces with certain measurements; hotels must have rooms adapted for people with disabilities, to name a few. 


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