Mexico independence holiday celebrations benefits timeshares in Mazatlan


The president of the Vacation Club Association pointed out that some of the developments receive maintenance to be ready for the winter season.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The national bridge maintained good occupation in the around 4 thousand timeshare keys in Mazatlán, reported Fernando Alanís Cárdenas.

The president of the Mazatlan Vacation Club Association stated that fortunately, due to the effect of the reservations that were postponed due to the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, a much higher occupancy than normal is maintained, because many are already taking the pending dates, which is a good sign for them.

He commented that almost 70% occupancy was registered in this tourism segment, something that had not been seen in the pandemic.

“What we have is an expectation precisely to be monitoring the statistics to see the behavior for what follows,” he said.

Alanís Cárdenas commented that they are very happy because the last summer vacation season was very good, with occupancies above 80%.

“Thank God the occupations were very good, we have already seen a much greater return of our tourists and our partners, who have bought us timeshare memberships to the developments,” he said.

He commented that this encourages them to continue with what began in the past stage of the pandemic, especially in the remodeling part of the developments.

Don’t let your guard down

The leader of the timeshares pointed out that they have to continue with the sanitary protocols and not lower their guard with the use of the face mask, to avoid contagion of Covid-19.

He commented that for now some of the timeshare developments are undergoing maintenance work, to be in better condition and receive all these guests in the winter season.

The Mazatlan Post