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The restaurants of the Isla de la Piedra are reopened after hurricane kay damages

Of the 47 establishments that exist, 40 are already in service, and the others remain closed or with pure kitchen service.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After the passage of hurricane “Kay” along the coast of Sinaloa, which affected the restaurants of the Isla de la Piedra, the reactivation in the area begins; Of the 47 establishments that exist, 40 are already in service, and the rest are still closed or with pure kitchen service.

Local merchants pointed out that they prefer to only have the service inside the restaurant, that is, they do not serve in the palapas that are on the sand, in order to prevent any monetary loss, either for the client or for them.

“These rains meant a lot of losses for us, both materially and mentally, we hope to recover from this soon, at the moment some places, including mine, only serve inside the restaurant, it is difficult for us to serve in the palapas, because the tide is still high,” said Carmela, who runs a food business.

Last weekend they had very little flow of people since many tourists still did not dare to visit the area because the tide on the beach is high.

“We are preventing ourselves from everything, although it is true that some of us are attending here in the palapas, but with some care, we avoid going to the shore at all costs, we try to put our consumers as far back as possible so that no incident occurs,” commented Isauro, a restaurant employee.

Foreign tourists

The vast majority of clients they have received in recent days have been foreigners, due to the cruise ship that arrived at the port on Wednesday.

“It was because of the cruise ship that arrived, we could see people from Asia, from the United StatesGermans, they were here on Wednesday, they have been our main consumers these days,” added Isauro.

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