Sinaloa will promote tourism with the implementation of magical centers 


In order to generate more tourist offer in Sinaloa, different activities are being developed in the municipalities.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Because there are more things to visit in Sinaloa, apart from Mazatlan, the government plans to boost tourism throughout the state, as reported by Adolfo Rojo Montoya, director of tourism in the downtown area.

“We have been working with the municipalities, in coordination with the state plan for the development of sectoral programs,” he commented.

Tourism in Sinaloa

Rojo Montoya explained that there is interest on the part of Governor Rubén Rocha Moya to promote the state’s tourist offer.

He also commented that they are working together with a proposal from the federal government to promote magical centers.

“Just as in the city of Culiacán you have the Paseo del Ángel, and other destinations here within the same city, promote them to trigger tourism in each of the regions,” he explained.

Similarly, he said that work is being done to generate a consistent tourist offer, in which the attractions of the municipalities and the gastronomic offer are exploited. “A lot of tourism circulates and visits more consistently when there’s something to look forward to on the visit,” she said.

Ultimately, the director of tourism said that there is no established budget for the Magical Towns, but that they have to give proposals for works so that the amount that will be allocated to them is later evaluated.

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