Mazatlan lifeguards rescue tourists from Hidalgo and Arizona from drowning


The events occurred this Wednesday afternoon in Cerritos.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In the Cerritos 2 beach area, elements of the Mazatlån Aquatic Police managed to rescue four bathers from Hidalgo and Arizona in time who were moved away from the shore by a return current, so they had difficulty getting out from the sea.

The events occurred this Wednesday afternoon when people who were on the site notified the authorities.

As reported in a press release, rescue mechanisms were immediately activated with the participation of lifeguards from a hotel in the area, as well as water service providers.

The coast guard managed to reach the bathers, who were given buoyancy and towed towards the shore of the beach.

Once on the mainland, it was reported that Óscar “N” (22 years old) and Lorenzo “N” (57 years old), originally from the State of Hidalgo, as well as Shamar “N” (18 years old) and Shaun “N” (45 years old). ), from Arizona, only presented fatigue.


This week the lifeguards have carried out various rescues in the bay of Mazatlan, despite the fact that the summer holidays have ended and the beaches are no longer saturated.

On Monday, a person was saved on the beach at Cerritos 3, while on Tuesday three bathers from Guadalajara were rescued who were being dragged by sea currents in the area of ​​the Riu hotel.

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