After two years, the celebrations for Independence festivities return in Mazatlan


The coordination of Civil Protection and various agencies and authorities will participate with an approximate force of 250 people, the purpose of obtaining a white balance.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – After two years of suspension of the commemorative events of the National Holidays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Civil Protection Coordination and other agencies are already prepared to launch what will be the preventive actions to be implemented to next weekend at the Municipal Palace headquarters.

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, PC coordinator in Mazatlan, highlighted that since the week that ended they have held various meetings to detail the operation, with the Mayor’s Office they will determine the number of mobile positions, their location, in addition the staff will carry out constant tours to verify the gas installations, electrical and detect possible points of illegal sale of pyrotechnics, said material will only be used during the event with personnel trained in the matter.

Ruiz Gastélum added that emergency vehicles and personnel will be positioned at strategic points near the Plazuela República, in total there will be five ambulances and two firefighting machines with their personnel to act if necessary, in total the participation of a total of 250 people.

“After coming from a pandemic phase where this important celebration as a Mexican was not given publicly as such, this time it will be the first year that it is taken into account, we expect a large turnout from citizens to reaffirm the patriotic symbols above all. ”.

The Civil Protection coordinator added that climate monitoring prevails, especially due to the formation of a hydrometeorological phenomenon in the south of the Pacific Ocean, he explained that it would be very premature to give details of its trajectory, especially the risks that it could generate for the southern coasts. from Sinaloa.

The Mazatlan Post