Application for taxi services and public transport arrives in Mazatlan


It will be sought that the public transport platform be at the State level and provide users with a way to request the service

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Through a meeting held this Friday between the Red Taxis union, urban transport operators and Roads and Transportation, the integration of the Red Taxis to the application “Taxis Los Mochis executives”, through which transport users can request these services through their cell phone, with rates based on the time and distance of the trips.

With the implementation of this application, it is sought that conventional transport adapt to new technologies, as well as guarantee greater security for users, where they can know the data of their drivers, in addition to the fact that the units are monitored via satellite and they follow the regulations of the Delegation of Roads and Transportation.

So far, there are already around 130 units and 200 drivers registered in the application and ready to provide the service through said application.

It was pointed out that in addition, a meeting was held with leaders of other public transport units, such as pulmonías, aurigas and buses, which would also be included in the application in order to facilitate outreach to users, among other functions such as knowing transportation location and schedules.

It will be sought that the application be enabled in a State manner, bearing the name “Sinaloa Executive Taxis”, for which the population is invited to learn about this new project and make use of it to test its effectiveness.

The Mazatlan Post