Video: Mazatlan nigh life establishments report a fantastic summer season


 Tequila sales prevailed over whiskey, but beer is still preferred: ACETEM

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With considerable growth in affluence, consumption, and in tips to the service, the Mazatlán nightclubs closed for the summer.

Enrique Lizárraga Cázares, vice president of the Association of Tourist and Entertainment Centers of Mazatlan (ACETEM), stated that there was a large influx of tourism from Monterrey, Chihuahua, Torreón Durango, Jalisco, and Mexico City, among others, in whom it was noted a substantial improvement in your spending.

The director of ACETEM, calculated an average improvement of 25-30 percent, compared to 2019, which was a historic year for Mazatlán since he recalled, that the summer of last year there was an impact due to the third wave of Covid19.

Regarding the average cost per person, he said that it is varied and goes from 400 to 1,500 pesos per person, for what he said, the level of own has also been increasing.

Regarding the type of consumption, he said that this summer there was the surprise that tequila ousted whiskey, although beer is still the customers’ favorite. A product that is also beginning to enter the market, he indicated, is mezcal, taking advantage of the issue of denomination of origin that is underway for southern Sinaloa.

In terms of permitted capacity, the vice president of ACETEM said that they are still at 90 percent and complying with all the protocols for Covid19, in what he said there is a very good coordination with the authority, which continues with constant reviews, without present relevant problems.

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