El Quelite new Oxxo must repaint after local complain


The head of the Sedectur pointed out that the Pueblo Señorial is one of the most iconic places in the rural area of ​​Mazatlan, so it is of the utmost importance to maintain its distinctive characteristics.

The painting of a farm in El Quelite, with the colors of the OXXO convenience store, will be corrected in the coming days and only a small advertising plate will be allowed, so as not to disharmonize with the rest of the town, assured Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán highlighted the importance of maintaining the historic estates of the Pueblo Señorial without alterations.

“For us, as a municipality and as a secretariat, it is of the utmost importance to promote the economy of Mazatlán and its rural area, and as you well know, we have been generating the different districts in order to give each of them an order and image, for This has already been discussed with the Director of Planning, who already has communication with the directors of this convenience store chain, and they are willing to adapt the colors and advertisements ”, he said.

Velarde Cárdenas pointed out that El Quelite is one of the most iconic places in the rural area, so it is of the utmost importance for the municipality to maintain the distinctive characteristics that it has today.

“For the municipality of Mazatlán it is important to continue maintaining its characteristics, such as its farms, its colors, its cleanliness, and of course, the hospitality of its people, since it is this set of peculiarities that have made the town of Mazatlan a success story. El Quelite, so it is important to maintain that same image and that order” , he said.

In this context, he added that it is expected that the adjustments to the farm will be made shortly.

“ We want to continue with this coordination that we have had until today, in order to continue promoting this bonanza that the port of Mazatlán and its communities have,” he added.

Social complaints

The arrival of this type of establishment in typical towns breaks with the architecture of the place, a situation that was exposed on social networks since last week when the OXXO convenience store opened in El Quelite.

Velarde Cárdenas thanked this type of social complaint that allows corrections to be made as soon as possible and to be able to advance both in the urban and rural areas of Mazatlán.

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