Ammonia leak leaves two people dead and 29 intoxicated in Culiacán, Sinaloa


Among the intoxicated victims are five children.

The leak of chlorine gas (ammonia) from an old cylinder in a blacksmith shop in the Francisco Villa neighborhood of Culiacán, Sinaloa, left two people dead and twenty-nine intoxicated, including 5 minors, a firefighter, two paramedics, and one officer from the Preventive State Police.

Agents of the State Preventive Police that intervened in the eviction of the residents of Zihuatanejo Street and three other streets around the perimeter where the accident occurred, were disinfected with pressurized water to remove any ammonia residue from their uniforms and bodies. Ammonia is highly dangerous for the organism.

Cristóbal Castañeda, Secretary of Public Security of the state of Sinaloa, reported on social networks that the ammonia leak, recorded on Tuesday, August 30th, in the vicinity of a supermarket, caused 29 people to be intoxicated, including a State Police.

Source: SIPSE

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