Rosario Rodríguez Barraza, a mother searching for the remains of her son, is murdered in Sinaloa

RIP Rosario Rodriguez Barraza

Yet another mother searching for her disappeared son has been killed in northern Mexico, becoming the third volunteer search activist killed in Mexico since 2021.

Rubén Rocha Moya, the governor of the northern state of Sinaloa, identified the dead woman Wednesday as Rosario Rodríguez Barraza.

“I deeply regret the killing of Rosario Rodríguez Barraza, a tireless fighter, like many other women in Sinaloa who are looking for their loved ones,” Rocha Moya wrote in his social media accounts.

Rep. Paloma Sánchez, a congresswoman from Sinaloa, said Rodríguez Barraza was abducted near her home and killed Tuesday, the International Day of the Disappeared, which was marked in Mexico by marches and protests.

The motive in the killings remained unclear, because most searchers say publicly they aren’t looking for evidence to convict killers.

The volunteer search teams, usually made up of mothers of Mexico’s over 100,000 missing people, say they only want to find the bodies of their loved ones, to mourn and properly bury them.

In a video posted by “Hasta Encontrarles,” another search group, Rodríguez Barraza is heard saying the classic phrase, “I’m looking for my son, I’m not looking for the culprits.”


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