The best in investments is yet to come, assures Mazatlan mayor


The mayor of Mazatlan assures that businessmen continue to bet on this tourist destination and gives an example of the interest in the World Trade Center.

MAZATLAN. – Important investments in Mazatlan continue to arrive and, with this, giving the city a more spectacular face by local, national, and international investors.  

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, Municipal President of Mazatlán, said that better things are coming for the destination with larger projects that will further detonate the economy in the port.  

Benítez Torres stated that in their last three years they achieved a private investment of approximately 43 billion pesos above the state capital, and other parts of the country.  

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“Today things are looking better, we are only in the second three years that I lead, and with the help of big businessmen who come to invest in Mazatlan, including the World Trade Center,” he stressed.  

The mayor highlighted the importance of said construction, being the first vertical city in Mexico, where thousands and billions of pesos are included.  

More projects and investments for Mazatlan  

He indicated that a solid national and important group is also coming to build a new cargo airport that will give another face to the destination.  

He pointed out that, if all the projects that are advancing in the destination are added, the commercial and industrial area is strengthened, because some bring others, it is a domino effect.  

In addition, if tourism and the importance of tuna and shrimp fishing are added to the city, Mazatlán will fly very high, and labor will be used.  

“Days ago I personally uploaded a video, where an important television program talks about the real estate situation in the country and I endorse it, Mazatlan has reinvented itself in the last five years and an unbeatable future is coming,” he stressed.  

Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. Photo: Courtesy

In a statement issued by Grupo ARHE, it was reported that among its future investments it plans to develop a real estate project with a view to turning Mazatlán into the first Vertical City in the state.

“Currently we are in the conceptual architectural design contest in one of the Group’s territorial reserves, with different design offices from various cities in the Republic,” the statement said.

What is the project about?

Grupo ARHE plans to create a high-density real estate complex, with ultra-mixed uses and towers with more than 25 levels, including housing, a business class hotel, a shopping plaza, spaces for corporate offices, and medical services, among others.

For this, an approximate investment of 3.8 billion pesos is planned to be developed in several stages over a period of approximately six years.

“Currently we are in a process of analysis and evaluation by the World Trade Center Association, to obtain the license rights for the city of Mazatlan and if we are favored in said process, we would seek that our real estate project be named with said international brand. ”, emphasizes Grupo Arhe.

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