Mazatlan Aquarium and UPSIN join forces for the Laguna del Camarón


MAZATLAN: The idea is that this agreement manages to come to strengthen the care of the ecosystem, as well as conserve and maintain the Laguna del Camarón in good condition.

The Polytechnic University of Sinaloa (UPSIN) carried out the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Mazatlán Aquarium with the aim of conserving and maintaining the state of the Laguna del Camarón in good condition.  

The director of the Aquarium and representative of the Central Park, Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, was in charge of leading the event together with the rector of the educational establishment Héctor Daniel Brito Rojas, and the secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, Édgar González Zataraín. 

Said agreement is with the intention of installing a total of 29 monitoring stations in the Laguna del Camarón, located in Central Park, to be certain of the type of contaminants that this body of water may contain, as well as its effects on the flora. and wildlife.  

“We are going to make an X-ray of what the current situation is,” said Rojas Zepeda.  

The official stressed that said agreement is very important for the municipality, and the citizens, in which it will have a series of actions for the benefit of the environment, mainly in the Central Park of Mazatlan.  

For his part, the director of the Polytechnic University of Sinaloa said that this type of link will lead the educational institution to be able to detonate important areas where the student will be able to develop more. 

The relevance that this signing of the agreement will have, he said, will serve to generate more professionalism for the UPSIN students, who will be carrying out research activities in various areas of said park, for the benefit of the ecosystem that surrounds this natural attraction.  


The Mazatlan Post