Concanaco Mazatlan task for a firm hand against crime


The secretary of the Concanaco demanded from the three levels of government a change in the strategy so that they have better results.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A firm hand against crime and better results in terms of security , Mazatlan businessmen demand at the three levels of government.

The general secretary of ConcanacoGuillermo Romero Rodríguez, stated that security is the most important factor that gives stability, maintains the economy and generates development.

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“We, as a confederation, are going to ask the authorities to take a hard line, to make better strategies in terms of security and, above all, with better results; here it is very important that the authorities, both state and local, are also responsible for security, we must not take responsibility away from them ”, he said.

He admitted that in some states of the country there are problems of violencekidnapping, and extortion, where the economy and the safety of families are already affected.

Warning does not affect Mazatlan

Romero Rodríguez commented that the new alert issued by the governments of the United States and Canada to Mexico, so that they avoid traveling to at least half of their territory due to the insecurity that exists, in which Sinaloa is included, but where Mazatlán is exempt, is not something new, but the entity has to work on it.

He acknowledged that he is alert, it is worrying, although he clarified that Mazatlán is not affected because it does not directly lead to the port, and he even compared the destination with having better stability than other cities.

“ Mazatlán brings better security conditions, compared to other states, with other municipalities, what is more, compared to the same center in Culiacán, that is, Mazatlán has a high quality of life, and it has many conditions, that is why we have a lot of tourism, it has been one of the best summer seasons and the winter season looks very good”, he expressed.


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