Mazatlán in Guanajuato’s Cervantino and vice versa… This is what we know  


The head of Culture, Tourism and Art reported that although it is a dream to be in the Cervantino, they work with Guanajuato to twin cities.

MAZATLAN. – Can you imagine listening to the Mazatlán corrido and seeing a folkloric dance very much in the style of the port in the streets of Guanajuato? For the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan, being at the Cervantino Festival is a dream that they may see in the short term.  

José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, director of Culture, explained that one of the festivals, where they would like to bring the echo of Mazatlan, is precisely this internationally recognized festival, however, it is complicated, even so, they are working to achieve it.  

“For me, I would like it already in October, but it is complicated, it would be working, we are very eager and I already said, if it is not possible, at least a branch there, a little piece that they send us from Cervantino to Mazatlán would be very good, they are working on it,” he said. 

And it is that the Cervantino Festival of Guanajuato, is a cultural event that has been held for 49 editions, and just this 2022 it would be celebrating its 50th edition, considered the largest arts festival in Latin America, where more than 2 thousand 500 artistic participate. from 33 countries. 

In this festival, which lasts 19 days, it achieves the presentation of at least 159 performances of performing arts and 90 activities of visual arts, cinema, literature and an artists’ market. A city that participates, a city that generates future visitors due to its promotion.  

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

Tostado Quevedo pointed out that they are working with the state of Guanajuato to generate a strategy and achieve more twinning agreements such as the one with Dolores Hidalgo, with high expectations in Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, and León.  

“We are working hand in hand, we are looking for a cultural corridor through the twinning of the municipalities, mainly in the lowlands. We already have Dolores Hidalgo twinned and we are looking for San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato and León,” she said.  

The intention, he said, is that through promotion, it is possible to bring the culture of Mazatlán to these cities, that the population of the bajío know that in Mazatlán there are concerts, dances, theaters and that it is a city that is combined with a state. which is famous for its cultural scene.


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