Mazatlan and its monuments enchant visitors


Tourists take advantage of their stay in the port to be photographed in the most emblematic places of the city.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Between the Monument to the Fisherman, that of the Mazatleca Woman, that of Pedro Infante or that of Pulmonía, without missing the Monument to the Continuity of Life, tourists who visit Mazatlán do not stop taking pictures in the most representative sites of the port.

In addition to the beaches, the Historic Center and the Aquarium, the monuments that are located on the Malecón keep visitors enchanted this summer.

The Pulmonia Monument is usually one of the most frequented places in the port, because apart from being a curious attraction for visitors, it represents the city’s public transport par excellence. So also when taking photos, some simulate driving the popular public transport vehicle.

“We all have the photo here already, we all liked this monument, it is very curious and it has been to everyone’s taste, the truth is, we have already climbed several times to the real pulmonia, and now, well, we could not miss the photos here, it is very curious, because it is a beautiful way to pay homage to the best transportation in Mazatlan, they have ingenuity to make monuments, this monument, although it is small, is the one that I liked the most”, said Susana, a tourist who came to the port from Manzanillo.

Monument to the Fisherman. 

Pneumonia is something that has amazed visitors, since people can be seen all day to take photos and even buy souvenirs that are sold next to the monument.

The “Monos Bichis”, as the Monument to the Fisherman is popularly known, is also one of the most visited by tourists to take photos or make videos for their social networks.

“I already have about 10 or 20 videos that I posted on my social networks and that, without counting all the photos that I have already uploaded, is not the only monument that I have come to, but it is the one that I liked the most, its architecture, the way in which women and men are together, even the fountain they have,” said Victoria, who comes from Ciudad del Carmen.

The Monument to the Fisherman was created in 1958 by Rodolfo Becerra Gómez and since then it has become an icon that represents Mazatlán.

The classic lyrics

Although these monuments are the most representative of the port, there are also the photographic inns of Valentino and Parque Martiniano, known as the letters of Mazatlán.

Classic lyrics from Mazatlan in front of Valentinos. 

“We have gone to the two letters, the ones in the clubs and the ones in the Martiniano park, they have been very much to our liking, I loved it because that way I can present evidence that I came to Mazatlan and that I knew its beaches and other things more ,” laughed Aleida, who is visiting the port from Monterrey.


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