Sinaloa could add five more Stately Towns to its tourism routes


Very soon the Ministry of Tourism will announce a new call for more communities to request the distinction of a Stately Towns

MAZATLAN. – In search of generating a better impulse within the tourist offer offered by the state of Sinaloa, and incidentally giving added value to the rural wealth and history of its communities, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, said that the call to deliver the distinction of Stately Towns will be launched soon. 

She explained that there are already some towns that seek to be stately, and currently five are registered in search of that distinction, which are already on their way to comply and that require support so that they are more visited.  

“Yes, there are nine stately towns, and right now there are a total of five towns that are interested, Tamazula, Badiraguato, Tacuichamona, San Javier, and La Noria. I am referring to those who have presented interest and some who have already presented a project”, said Torres Noriega. 

The official stated that a very elevating call will be launched where some important requirements are requested from its cobbled streets, its museum, its pantheon, the arch when entering, colonial architecture and tourist attractions

She pointed out that some are already working on all these details, while others meet all the necessary requirements to be able to have the distinction of Stately Towns.  

Sinaloa currently has nine Stately Towns: Copala, El Quelite, Concordia, San Ignacio, Elota, Choix, Imala, Sinaloa de Leyva and Villa de Ahome.  

Sinaloa and its magical towns 

The state of Sinaloa until now has four magical towns which offer a different experience for all travelers and visitors who enjoy their stay, which are: Cosalá, El Fuerte, Rosario, and Mocorito.  

They will perfect program 

The head of Sectur added that they are working on a project to make an Inter-State Tourism in search of promoting each of the municipalities, through a program that replicates the good things of each destination but improving them. 

“This program has been requested not only by Sinaloans, but also by tour operators, hotels, restaurateurs, which is precisely that tour that was done throughout Sinaloa, who will know what it will be called soon,” she stressed. 


The Mazatlan Post