More than 700 thousand people visited the Durango National Fair 2022


The Secretary of Tourism, Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra explained that this also brought a benefit to all sectors of the entity, from carrier, hotelier and trade.

Durango, Durango.- With everything and various situations against it, such as a pandemic that has been raging for two years, as well as the almost express organization, the Durango National Fair leaves a good taste in the mouth, and above all, an important economic spill over at 250 million pesos, pointed out Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra.

The head of the Tourism Secretariat of Durango said that, although this Tuesday they will announce the numbers in detail, there is talk of a visit of more than 700,000 attendees, just under 200,000 visitors who registered in the last edition that was that of 2019, whereas during the activities, including the cultural, sports and gastronomic events that this fair encompasses, there were more than 900 thousand attendees.

“These three weekends, hotel occupancy was above 95 percent, but not only that, taxi drivers, shops, services, practically with a great activity, then, the citizens will value and in the end they will realize that this type of activities is a great investment for the state, it is not an expense”.

The state official asserted that this edition of the Durango National Fair closed with a blank balance on security issues, as well as with quite a bonanza for the exhibitors and merchants who were there offering their products or services, so beyond what could be budgeted, the benefits are greater.

He commented that the atypical situation that was experienced by the pandemic evidently generated a decrease in the number of people who gathered during the 17 days, although there was a large influx of tourists from neighboring entities, such as Zacatecas, Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Sinaloa, mainly from Mazatlan, even though the promotion that was given to the event a month and a half before, when before it was 8 months.

Gamboa de la Parra commented that, although the benefit is more measurable in terms of hotel occupancy, which was 95 percent, but all sectors benefited, including transportation; which will be valued by the citizens at the end of the day.