Due to lack of employees in Sinaloa, businessmen are looking in other states, says Canaco Culiacán


In Sinaloa there are between 25 and 30 thousand vacancies in the commercial sector, so employers are choosing to hire people from other states, says Jesús Antonio López

Given the lack of employees in the commercial sector, Sinaloa businessmen are choosing to hire personnel from other states of the country, assured the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Culiacán, Jesús Antonio López Navarrete.

Entrepreneurs have not been successful in the task of recruiting personnel who meet the desired profile or accept the work conditions, so in recent months between 25 and 30 thousand vacancies have accumulated in Sinaloa in the commercial sector alone, held.

Due to this situation, some merchants have closed their doors because they do not have personnel to operate, others have opened their job offers to other states such as Michoacán and Oaxaca, López Navarrete explained.

“It is a serious problem at the level of commerce in the state because it is said that there are between 25 and 30 thousand vacancies in the business sector of the state,” he said.

“Many employers are concerned and are offering those places to other states, to other regions.”

Some of the reasons why employers are unable to fill their vacancies is because those who apply do not meet the profile, are not trained or the salary offered by the employer is not attractive to them.

“These places are offered, people come, young people are not trained to develop the activity that the employer is looking for, the pretext of the low wages that are being offered is used,” he said.

Given the fiscal responsibilities, taxes and the economic crisis left by the pandemic, businessmen do not have the capacity to offer better conditions, declared the president of Canaco.

“I think we are experiencing a time of very profound changes in the business sector, we are just businessmen and merchants fighting against the ravages caused by the pandemic, the high levels of tax that have to be paid to the government, well the issue of that employers many of them are not trained to offer salaries as the worker is expecting them “.

Due to the above, he urged entrepreneurs and young people who are seeking employment to be trained to fill vacancies and negotiate working conditions and their perceptions, create a growth plan with bonuses and benefits that make jobs attractive.

“The call is to society in general, employers and workers who really unite, that if the worker arrives and looks for a job, he must be trained to carry out the activity for which the employer is looking for him; secondly, if the salary offered by the employer at that time is low, reach an agreement and make a growth plan; if he shows that he is doing the activity with high quality and the income in the company increases thanks to his work, that in a couple of months the salary improves, ”he suggested.

Source: noroeste.com.mx

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