Mazatlan will take action against monkeypox with tourists arriving by land, sea or air


It is sought that passengers arriving or departing have information about this virus to avoid surprises or put their health at risk.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Given the emergence of cases of monkeypox in some regions of the country, and taking into account the mobility of tourists during this summer vacation period, in Mazatlán, the Health Sector will set up information modules and promotion of which are the symptoms and how to prevent them, Africa Carolina Carrasco Valenzuela pointed out.

The head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction number VI in Mazatlan explained that these modules located, one in the “Rafael Buelna” International Airport, another in a bus terminal, and the other will be mounted on the Ferries dock, are for the purpose of providing all the sufficient information to the tourists who arrive at the port during these days and help to act in case of having symptoms.

“This week we started to promote what monkeypox is and on Tuesday we are going to install the module here on the promotion of the same, in the Ferries, thus covering the forms of transport where visitors can arrive and that we can promote the signs and symptoms and how we can prevent it”, he indicated.

The official from the Ministry of Health added that these modules will operate from 11:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon, since that is when travelers arrive with the greatest force, including international ones, in the case of Mazatlán, and their people from the Sanitary Jurisdiction will be providing information about this virus that is beginning to have a presence in some states of central and western Mexico, where Sinaloa does not escape.


The Mazatlan Post