Best Mexican NFL Players Of All Time


The National Football League has a rich and albeit history of players coming from different places all around the world seeking a chance to enter the top league of football. The NFL is often considered the toughest competition that requires being on the top level in order to have success.

When we talk about the National Football League, it is safe to say that the league is constructed by many different nationalities and religions all making the game better and more versatile. Since the National Football League is the most prestigious football league on the planet, most people devote their lives to working hard just to get a chance to join the best of the best.

The process of joining the NFL is extremely hard, and you have to show incredible talent and potential in order to get a chance to play. Additionally, this is a lot harder for people outside of the United States and in countries where American Football isn’t very popular.

Some countries don’t have the proper training for NFL players and don’t have football facilities that allow young talents to chase their life goals. In this case, we have Mexico, which is a country where soccer takes the first spot as the most popular sport and American Football is the fifth most popular sport right after boxing, baseball, and basketball.

This got us wondering whether or not Mexico has produced some exceptional people that joined the National Football League and that are part of the NFL Vegas odds.

Luckily, there is a handful of Mexico-born athletes that managed to fulfill their football goals by joining the National Football League.

Tom Fears

Tom Fears is one of the greatest football players that come from Mexico, that managed to gather a lot of success in the National Football League. During his professional career, he was playing a split end for the Los Angeles Rams, from 1948 to 1956.

Throughout his professional career in the NFL, he managed to win the NFL Championship on three occasions and was included in the First-Team All-Pro once. He got 400 receptions and managed to get 5,397 receiving yards and 38 touchdowns making him one of the greatest Mexican players in the NFL.

After finishing his career as an NFL player, he continued with his passion for football as an NFL assistant coach and head coach of the New Orleans Saints. He was also coaching the Packers, the Rams, and the Falcons.

Raúl Allegre

Allegre is a former professional football player coming from Mexico, that has had a very successful run in the big league. He started to get involved in football more seriously after playing college football at the University of Texans in Austin.

After proving that he got some skills, Allegre was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Dallas Cowboys in the 1983 NFL draft. Since then he also played for the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, Huston Oilers, and the New York Jets.

Throughout his professional career, he managed to win the Super Bowl two times and was included in the second-team All-Pro once.

Efrén Herrera

Here we have another former NFL player born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Herrera managed to build quite an impressive career in the NFL playing for the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Raiders, Chicago Blitz, and Arizona Outlaws.

Throughout his professional career, he managed to become a Super Bowl Champion and was included in the first-team all-pro in 1977.

Alfredo Gutiérrez

Here we have another exceptional player coming from Mexico, that is just starting to make some moves in the NFL.  AlfredoGutiérrez is a professional NFL player born in Tijuana, Mexico, on December 29, 1995. At a young age, he attended Montgomery High School in San Diego, and the Monterey Institute of Technology, where he played college football.

AlfredoGutiérrez was assigned to the San Francisco 49ers in May 2021, in the NFL’s International Player Pathway Program. After he was resigned to the practice squad, AlfredoGutiérrez proved that he was worthy to enter the big league, and was one of the eleven players who signed a reserve contract with the 49ers.

Isaac Alarcón Garcia

Here we have a professional NFL player born in Mexico that is currently playing for the Dallas Cowboys as an offensive tackle. Isaac first started to show passion for football at 14 years old when he joined Club Pumas, a youth football club then attended the UANL High School in Monterrey, Mexico.

After showing an exceptional talent for football, he managed to land a football scholarship from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. In his early years, he played as a right and left tackle. He was one of the best players and contributed to ITESM by winning the Mexican college football national championship. He also managed to get into the Mexico national team and earned a bronze medal in the U19 World Championship in China.

His professional career started when he was allocated to the Dallas Cowboys on April 27, 2020. He was part of the NFL’s International Player Pathway Program, which allowed him a chance to train for two months alongside NFL players in hopes of being drafted by some of the teams.

Issac was first drafted by the Calgary Stampeders in the third round of the 2021 CFL Global draft, and after that, he signed a contract with the Cowboys on January 18, 2022.

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