Major Cartel leader arrested; Does the travel alert affect Mazatlan? 


The marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan explains that it is not a focused travel alert.

MAZATLAN. – According to José Gámez Valle, marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, the port is not affected by the recently published travel alert or security warning that the United States government issued to its citizens when traveling to Sinaloa and Sonora, this after the arrest of the alleged drug trafficker, Rafael Caro Quintero.  

And although a warning or travel alert of this type can harm a destination like Mazatlán, for Gámez this alert does not worry because foreign tourism travels only by plane and only represents 5 percent during the summer vacation period. , the rest of the percentage belongs to national tourism. 

Why? He explained that it is not a focused travel alert, for example, that said warning does not establish which municipalities not to visit, so he considered that they should not be issued.  

“These are complicated issues there, the warning does not affect us, obviously the ideal is that this type of thing does not exist, the flights from the United States that we have to Mazatlán come to the top. This warning is not focused on all the streets in the state of Sinaloa”.  

He acknowledged that the authorities of the two levels of government are willing to work and thus guarantee order and security. With this he made it clear that the capture of the alleged drug trafficker causes some kind of disturbance or problems of violence and security.  

How are we in tourism? 

Currently, the port is very well, “at the top” and it is expected to stay that way until the beginning of August when the students return to their classes.


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