Navy and Sedena surround Mazatlan housing complex Club Real housing near the Marina


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.-  Neighbors of the Club Real subdivision, near the Marina area, in Mazatlán, woke up this Thursday, July 14, with a strong operation carried out by elements of the Secretary of the Navy ( Semar ) and the Secretary of Defense National ( Sedena ).

Seeing the important mobilization of federal forces in this residential area keeps the residents of the sector amazed; the reason for the implemented operation, so far is unknown.

Likewise, no information has been given on the number of elements and units that participate in these actions, but the uninformed agents can be seen at the main access and inside this housing sector.

Unofficially, it had been commented that the entrances had been closed, preventing the entry and exit of people, but some time later this version was discarded.

At the moment the operation is stealthy, federal elements are scouring the surroundings and more information is being awaited.


The Mazatlan Post