Mazatlan Canine Unit of the SSPM, summer course “Learn to train your dog”


The Municipal Public Security Secretariat invites children to participate in the summer basic obedience course “Learn to train your dog”, which will be implemented by the Mazatlán K9 Canine Unit, starting on Monday, July 18.

The Commander of the group, Max García Quintero, explained that for a week, the children will be able to learn techniques to train their pet, free of charge.

Space is limited, and depending on the interest of citizens, they may be held in the following weeks.

The schedule will be from eight to eleven in the morning, at the facilities of the Citizen Security Center, located on Antonio Toledo Corro Boulevard and Luis Donaldo Colosio bypass, in the Huertos Familiares neighborhood.

* Have your puppy that is sociable.
*Age of your pet: from 6 months onwards.
*Boys and girls from 8 years of age.
*We start on Monday, July 18 at 8:00 am
*Totally free
For more information, please call 6692 62-32-33

The Mazatlan Post