Meet Alfonso Rivera and his noble work as a Mazatlan ‘Bellboy’


He has 33 years of experience in the tourist service at The Inn At Mazatlan hotel.

MAZATLAN. – It is five in the morning and Alfonso Rivera, 54 years old, better known as “Ponchito”, is preparing to start work, and although he is no longer that 21-year-old, his desire to get ahead and his kindness are still intact.  

“Ponchito” has three decades of experience in the tourist service, specifically at The Inn At Mazatlan hotel, where he works as bellman captain, a job he performs with great responsibility. 

Photos: Karyna Sanchez

The “Bellboy”

And yes, the work of a “Bellboy” or Botones, as we commonly call him, is of great importance, since he creates one of the first personal and emotional links when arriving at a hotel. His job is to assist and help guests with their luggage and get them to their room for the first time.

Likewise, every time the guests leave or arrive at the hotel, they are in charge of greeting them, saying good morning, afternoon, evening and even early in the morning, and also advising them on nearby places to eat or interesting places to visit.  

 “I really like my job. Here we give clients an excellent treatment, sometimes we give them recommendations and information that they need to know. The best thing is when you receive their thanks and they let you know that you did a good job”, expressed Ponchito. 

Being easy to attend to people and being attentive and sociable are some of the skills that Ponchito has acquired during his life to give the client quality service, a service that makes him feel at home, things he has learned during his stay at The Inn At Mazatlan.  

His story 

Ponchito began working in the pool area, always showing that which characterizes him: responsibility, dedication, good humor and kindness, qualities that his bosses noticed and rewarded, promoting him until he became Head of Bellmen.  

All his effort has been worth it, he said, because he considers his colleagues as a second family and the hotel as the home that gave him the opportunity and confidence to develop professionally.  

“Here we are like a family, we all support each other, if I know someone needs my help, I support them. I thank the hotel because it has given me the opportunity to grow my family and I think that is priceless, they give you everything to get you started”.  

He considers that his work as a “Bellboy” has left him with unique characteristics such as professionalism, customer service, the ability to solve problems and be creative in different situations that may arise and of course, the most important, always working with a big smile.  


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