Mazatlan tourists need to abide by lifeguard recommendations to avoid accidents


Most of the tourists who arrive do not respect signs and flags, so they are prone to accidents.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The Chief of lifeguards in Mazatlán, Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, mentions that tourists do not usually abide by the recommendations given to them, since they continue to enter closed areas due to the rocky mantle that it has, which is usually the area of ​​​​the monument to the seals, in addition to entering with inappropriate clothing, such as jeans.

“The problem that we have more than anything with tourism is the one that arrives in trucks to the sports avenue, since they only go up and go directly to the beaches without observing the flags, so we already have two elements that are going to to be guiding people”, he mentioned.

He also shares that they have 4 jet skis and a boat that will be available for the so-called “Operation Lifeguard”.

This past weekend, 6 rescues were carried out to save a total of 14 people, of which none required medical attention.

He also commented that one of the rescued was brought before a civic judge since he entered the sea wearing jeans and drunk.

Finally, he shared that the beaches that remain closed all year round are the avenida del mar and avenida del deporte, and insurgentes, the beach in front of the Varali hotel to Valentinos, and the beach of the Misión hotel.


The Mazatlan Post