These are the neighborhoods with the most reports of animal abuse in Mazatlan


Flores Magón and two other colonies are a red focus in reports of animal abuse in the port of Mazatlán

MAZATLÁN.- The Department of Ecology and Environment of the Mazatlán City Council receives up to 25 reports a day for animal abuse, reported the director Miriam Isaraí Rodríguez Paniagua.

He said that half of those complaints correspond to the abandonment of pets. How does someone abandon their pet? He explained that this happens when people are in the process of moving house, and they can’t find a place that accepts their pet.

“Regularly we receive between an average of 20 to 25 in hot weather and it can go down at other times, on the subject of abandonment I think it is half in abandonment, while I mistreat the other half, although there are complaints that are not well unfounded ”, Rodriguez Paniagua  

He commented that the colonies from which they receive the most reports are Flores Magón, El Conchi, Pradera Dorada and Infonavit Alarcón.

He added that the other half of the reports are for animal abuse, although sometimes it is a confusion since the complainant has a different view of the situation.  


The Mazatlan Post