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Mazatlán exceeds 8 billion pesos in investment in 6 months

It is expected to close the triennium with more than 40 billion pesos in private investment

MAZATLAN. – Until the end of June, the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan has a record of approximately 8 billion pesos of investment, mainly from the hotel and real estate sector.  

Secretary Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas mentioned that there are more than 12 authorized investment projects, including condominium towers, hotel complexes, industry and other sectors that are betting on the port, managing to position it nationally and internationally.  

“Right now we should be around 8 billion already at the end of June. Most of them are investments in tourist developments, obviously something that has helped us to be able to receive more tourist influx are the departments that have been developing”, he declared.  

According to Velarde Cárdenas, the previous triennium of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres closed with around 40 billion pesos in investment, the intention, he pointed out, is to exceed this figure by at least 10 percent per year, that is, to generate 15 billion pesos. pesos in investment per year.  

“We have to compare the economic benefit that we had in the past three years with that of Químico Benítez, which was 40 billion pesos and that figure, the goal is to exceed it by 10 percent, which gives us an average of 15 billion pesos per year. “, said.  

There are several chain hotels that are being built in Mazatlan, however, within the investments that are already authorized, more hotels are coming, increasing the number of rooms for tourism.  

Added to this are the real estate developments that are becoming a lodging alternative for long-term vacations or as housing for people who come to Mazatlan to work permanently.  

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