A part of Sinaloa will darken with ‘The Great Total Solar Eclipse of North America’


Book your travel, buy your glasses, and get ready for the show of the decade on April 8, 2024

MAZATLAN.- It is said, at noon on April 8, 2024, a part of Sinaloa will be completely darkened for 4 minutes by the total solar eclipse, said researcher Giannina Dalle Mese Zavala.

The Great North American Solar Eclipse will nearly bisect the country, plunging a 124-mile-wide swath of land stretching from Mexico to Canada into night-like darkness.

The researcher indicated that this phenomenon is called “The Great Total Solar Eclipse of North America” ​​since it will be visible in the three countries with an ascending band of total darkness, starting in the Mexican territory (Escuinapa), crossing the United States, and a region of Canada.

In this time frame, North America will be plunged into total darkness during the day.

“There is no reason to fear because the phenomenon itself does not harm, the intention of making it known is for them to prepare and enjoy the event,” said the researcher.

The lunar eclipse will have verification months before, it is predicted that it will be at dawn on November 8, 2023 (it will be an annular-type eclipse), reported Mese Zavala.

Luis Alfonso Torres Medina, secretary of the town hall highlighted the importance of the event for the municipality and thanked those present for their assistance and the rapporteur for the extraordinary effort to be on this day sharing part of her knowledge and research with the attendees.

“In the municipality, the eclipse represents countless benefits and privileges, we are proud to be part of this task and have the first. It is an honor that a woman from Sinaloa is a member of the National System of Researchers.

For his part, Antonio López Toledo, president of the Hidro Escuinapa association, mentioned that it is a good opportunity to take advantage of and detonate the municipality as a tourist-scientific destination.

He stressed that it is the first time that a conference of this type is given in the state and suggested that the municipality be part of scientific research.

In the auditorium of the Digital Library, Florencio Villa “Güilo Mentiras”, the presentation was held, with the presence of the Secretary of the City Council Luis Alfonso Torres Medina, on behalf of the municipal president Blanca Estela García Sánchez; José Antonio Prado Zarate, Trustee Attorney; the aldermen: Vanesa Coronado Maldonado and Gabriel Astorga Ceja; Directors of Educational Institutions; Officials of the H. City Council, and population in general.

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