What if we travel through Sinaloa? These are the latest news from El Fuerte to Escuinapa


Boat trips, bird sightings, walks on the boardwalks, the state is doing its best for tourism to visit all municipalities.

MAZATLAN. – If you don’t want to go so far on these vacations, visit Sinaloa, there are novelties that you have no idea exist and you may be amazed by more than one municipality because they all have stories to tell and attractions to visit.  

The Magical Towns and their relaunch  

The Mexican Association of Travel Agencies are looking for a way to launch a promotion and marketing program for El Fuerte, Mocorito, Cosalá, and Rosario, the four Magical Towns of Sinaloa, together with the Ministry of Tourism.  

President Eduardo Paniagua Morales mentioned that they all have tourism potential and the purpose of launching the campaign is to increase the presence of its visitors, both national and international, as there are activities from bird watching, such as walks through its historic streets.  

Photos: Facebook / Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa

Better attention to tourists, the key to success  

How nice Altata, isn’t it? If you do not know it, you should give yourself the opportunity to do so, because they want more people from the locality to visit them, that is why they prepare themselves with courses to improve their service, since it is known that better attention to tourists is the key. of success for a destination.  

The objective is that the participants understand the importance of quality and warm treatment in tourist services, as one of the most important branches of the sector to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in the region. 

Among the topics developed, the invitation to work as a team and develop communication, negotiation and persuasion skills in their work centers was emphasized. 

Although Mazatlan is the well-known “jewel in the crown” of tourism in Sinaloa, you can give yourself the opportunity to, as they say colloquially, “ranchear”, learn about the museums in El Rosario, visit the Escuinapa square, go a raspado to Concordia, fishing in Barras de Piaxtla, San Ignacio and so on until reaching the north or vice versa.  

Source: punto.mx

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