Mazatlan Aquarium has tourist all year long


Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, director of the paramunicipal, estimates the arrival of 90,000 visitors in July alone.

MAZATLAN. – There are only a few weeks left before the 2022 summer vacation season begins and Acuario Mazatlán knows it.

Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, director of the paramunicipal, reported that the site currently receives up to 2,500 visitors during the week and this flow increases on weekends, reaching 3,000 people. 

What makes them maintain good expectations since for the next vacation period they estimate to receive up to 90 thousand visitors only in the month of July, one of the most important months for the venue.

“In July, which is the strongest month for vacations, I think we are going to be on average with 80 or 90 thousand visitors per month, that is what we expect”.

Now it’s better

Although they will not reach the record number of 2019, the year in which Aquarius received 120,000 visitors, he said that having an estimate of just over 90,000 is already a great advance.

Rojas Zepeda indicated that they no longer pay much attention to it because the conditions in which they find themselves are better.

Why? It was in January of this year when the influx reached a considerable increase, and now the holiday seasons are not the only days where they do well, but now it is the whole year.

Every week, on long weekends and holidays, Mazatlan Aquarium has a great influx.

“We have had years, before the pandemic, of up to 120 thousand visitors. And it has decreased a lot now with the contingency, but in any case we continue with very good averages. It is difficult to achieve that again, because before we had very high peaks and nothing the rest of the months, now it is every month, that is why we say that now we are a little better, it is no longer exclusive to one month”.

What are people looking for the most?

He specified that, at the moment, the favorite attraction is the penguinarium, from there it is followed by the sea lion show, so it will be in these shows where they pay more attention to the application of sanitary protocols.


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