Where will the new Mazatlan fire station be?


Mazatlán Volunteer Firefighters new station needed to cover the port in its entirety.

MAZATLÁN.- After the demolition of Station 1 of the Mazatlan Volunteer Fire Department, other important projects are coming to provide a better service to all sectors of the port, said Lourdes Magallón Huerta, president of the board of trustees of this corporation.

He commented that there will be a station in the Cerritos area, and today it is also served from the Parque Lineal.

“The City Council has already given us the go-ahead for the land, we hope to formalize everything and we will do some interviews with hoteliers in the area, but everything is planned for the medium term,” said Magallón Huerta. 

He commented that work is also being done on the acquisition of another scale vehicle, since the growth of the city, with its large buildings, requires being at the forefront.

For his part, Commander Edgar Peinado Beltrán pointed out that the Cerritos-La Marina station is almost achieved.

He stressed that with the growth of the city it is necessary to cover all areas of the town.

“We always look for the right care in a timely manner, and with the growth of the city we also do not train with the big towers,” he concluded. 

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