Sinaloa dam dries up and towns that were flooded more than 42 years ago emerge


Sinaloa de Leyva.- The lack of rain is already wreaking havoc in northern Sinaloa. In the mountainous area of ​​this municipality, a dam dries up and exposes villages that were left underwater.

This is the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz or Bacurato, which registers less than fifteen percent of the capacity of its reservoir, which is one million 800 thousand cubic meters of water.

The descent of the water is such that there are open-air buildings and the cemeteries are like an island full of crosses.

The first community is located just five kilometers away from the curtain and in front of the caimanero hill you can already reach the cemetery, for the second consecutive year.

Graves that were covered by the flood for nearly 42 years are now exposed. And in some, you can see the glasses of the candles that families left last dry season, and in others in the current one.

A few meters away, the Agustín Melgar elementary school is also outside and far from the water, almost all of its walls are up and only the ceilings of two classrooms have fallen.

Fishermen from the dam and former inhabitants of that area said that some people who studied at that school have returned just to see and remember their childhood. The same has happened with other communities located upriver.
The little water that there is has caused problems such as the lack of oxygen, which means that the species that are cultivated there do not reach sufficient size and therefore the fishing season is low.

An example of the impact is that at the end of the fishing harvest they will have about fifty percent less compared to the previous one, which was just over a thousand tons.


The Mazatlan Post