Rehabilitation works begin on the El Quelite bridge


Yesterday, heavy machinery arrived at the site to begin the first reconstruction maneuvers.

A little more than nine months after the El Quelite bridge collapsed due to the torrential rains of hurricane “Nora” in 2021, the reconstruction work on said structure finally began last Tuesday, June 14.

Antonio Lizárraga Rivera, president of the Local Livestock Association, celebrated the beginning of the work, a long-awaited project due to mobility, economic and even tourism complications, which represents not having the bridge.

“Let’s hope in God that there is a quick solution to this bridge problem, we are anxiously waiting for it to be finished, hopefully they will hurry up and that the river will not give them so much trouble, because we are entering the rainy season,” he said.

The cattle leader considered that the works should have started 5 or 6 months ago, since the rainy season could mean a delay in the works.

“The reconstruction of this bridge is highly anticipated, since it is on a highway that is very important, connecting the north and south of the state,” he added.

Inhabitants and merchants from the surrounding towns celebrated the beginning of the work. 

Meanwhile, tourists and residents risk crossing the ford that was enabled to shorten the distance, since otherwise, they would have to go around to Mármol, which implies more time and money, since their journey is an extra journey of almost 30 kilometres.

The El Quelite bridge collapsed in 2021, after the passage of hurricane “Nora”, at the end of August and beginning of September 2021.

Its reconstruction will have an investment of 200 million pesos and will be done in five parts.

The Mazatlan Post