Police reinforce the city of Mazatlan after violent events that occurred over the weekend


The north and south accesses are guarded by elements of the three orders of government; popular neighborhoods and public service are not left uncovered, they assure

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – After the violent event that marked the city for the second consecutive weekend, the elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat are instructed to reinforce entrances and exits to Mazatlán, in order to detect possible offenders who come to destabilize the tranquility, Simón Malpica Hernández reported.

The police chief on duty stressed that the report that generated the mobilization was an aggression with firearm shots, personnel from the three levels of government were on the site, but it will be the personnel of the South Zone Prosecutor ‘s Office, who expand details of the facts and even confirm or rule out that the offended have been part of the people who deceive the population with games of chance.

“It is unfortunate what happened on Saturday afternoon, we already have instructions from our mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to implement operations at the entrance and exit of the city, we already have inspections with the support of the three government officials.”

Malpica Hernández commented that the actions carried out in the neighborhoods of the city have yielded results that range from the recovery of vehicles with reports of theft, the arrest of assailants, and about 60 sanctions per week for irregular motorcyclists, the police chief added that the operations reinforced and those who carry polarized on the front glass will be searched.

Public service units are also included in the inspection package, Commander Malpica commented, emphasizing that the priority is to maintain security among the population.

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