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Latin American Association of Motorcyclists conclude their annual rally 2022 in the south of Sinaloa 

More than 500 steel horse riders from the Latin American Motorcyclists Association participated in this edition and met in Mexico with their brothers from other latitudes.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the adventure in tow, regardless of risks or moments, just living the adrenaline and accumulating the experience, it is like more than 500 members of LAMA, for its acronym in English, which in Spanish is the Latin American Association of Motorcyclists, conclude their annual rally 2022 in the south of Sinaloa.

Mario Nieves Aquino, founder and international president, along with José Isla, president of the Orlando, Florida chapter, interviewed in Mazatlán, explained that this meeting began in Durango last Thursday and ended this Monday, after a meal at Caimanero, Rosario, and this On Wednesday, many will return to their cities of origin, even beyond the Mexican borders.

“This is a humanist revolution, promoting peace, love, and harmony without violence worldwide. This is what we like, we live for this, to be on two motorcycles, or on two wheels mounted, to go anywhere with cold, heat, rain whatever”.

This annual meeting that unites the nations already lovers of steel horses, joined 50 countries from Argentina, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, in addition to the United States, and others. In this edition, the second after the COVID-19 pandemic, it will allow promotion in 300 cities.

The races and nations do not matter this, it is only a matter that you have a good motorcycle and want to travel, sign up to this Latin American Motorcyclists Association, which has chapters in cities around the world.

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