Is milk what you are drinking? Check what Profeco revealed


Of 20 brands analyzed, 4 of these have more than one irregularity, ranging from their lactose process to the amount they presume they sell.

Do you like milk? And are you sure that what you consume is what you pay for? The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office conducted a study in this regard and there are at least 4 brands that maintain irregularities.  

This study revealed that, of 20 brands studied to which around 359 tests were applied, in a period from February 28 to April 11, with at least 6 standards, 4 brands had irregular content.  

Queretaro milk  

In its “Whole” version, it presumes to have 1,892 liters, however, Profeco verified and determined that it has 75 milliliters less than the declared content. Therefore, it violates the NOM-002-SCFI-2011, of prepackaged products – Net content – Tolerances and verification methods. 

The 19 brothers  

This milk, in bag presentation, has two seals of irregularity by the Attorney General’s Office. The first, for not having the presumed content on its packaging, showing that they have 36 milliliters less.  

Its second irregularity is that it is not milk, as is presumed, but a mixture of milk with vegetable fat, violating NOM-183-SCFI-2012, of dairy product and combined dairy product- Denominations, physicochemical specifications, commercial information and methods test.  

Lala 100, in its lactose-free and Low Carb version 

According to Profeco, in his study, revealed that both kinds of milk do not comply with the norm due to the non-regulated process and the elimination of lactose. Its density and non-fat solid content are not the minimum required by NOM-155-SCFI-2012.  

Why don’t they comply?  

According to the Consumer Magazine, the process to which these products are subjected to eliminate lactose results in density parameters and the amount of non-fat solids being lower than required.  

With this process, the quantity and properties of the other nutrients in the milk are not affected. 

Also, these two lactose-free products are different from conventional lactose-free milks that retain simple sugars that give them sweetness. 

Other regulations on which the study was based were, NOM-051-SCFI/SSA1-2010, talks about general labeling specifications for prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages- Commercial and health information; NOM-155-SCFI-2012, which talks about milk- Denominations, physicochemical specifications, commercial information and test methods. 

Also the; NOM-243-SSA1-2010, of Products and services. Milk, milk formula, combined milk product and milk derivatives. Sanitary provisions and specifications. Test methods. 

As well as the NOM-086-SSA1-1994, of Goods and services. Food and non-alcoholic beverages with modifications in their composition. nutritional specifications. 

so that it doesn’t happen to you  

Check the label, it should say “Milk” or “dairy product”, check the expiration date and keep it refrigerated.

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