MazConciencia collects 6 thousand cigarette butts


This is the second most recurrent garbage in beach cleanups.

Around 6,000 cigarette butts were collected in the 24 cigarette butts installed by the MazConciencia Environmentalist Association, announced its director, Sofía Trejo Lemus.

He said that in the places where they identified the largest number of this waste was in Olas Altas and Paseo Claussen, while in the latter they even noticed that it had been thrown on the floor.

The environmentalist specified that this is the second most recurrent garbage in beach cleanups, she also recalled that a single cigarette butt contaminates 50 liters of water and that is why they will continue to place the cigarette butts.

Due to the above, Trejo Lemus positioned himself in favor of the initiative of not smoking on the beaches, so that chemical compounds do not reach the oceans and are not part of the food chain of marine animals.

Source: tvp

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